Iron Chef Cooking Class

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“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”

-W.C. Fields


Guests will arrive to a tasty cheese and charcuterie board to get their palates revved up for a few hours of fun with food.

Once settled, guests will slip on chef hats, aprons, divide into teams, and get cooking for 90 minutes.


Often imitated, don't be fooled by knock-offs.  A true Iron Chef Style Competition highlights each team’s ability to be creative with the use of ingredients.  What ingredients you may ask? In addition to a wide assortment of items that might find in wet and dry pantries, each team will also receive a Mystery Box.


Each Mystery Box will contain unique, theme ingredient(s) that must be incorporated into the team’s dish.


Each team must use their imagination (along with the help of their chef) to create their own dish, from scratch. 


At the conclusion of the cooking portion of the evening, we’ll move onto the judging round.  Each team will be judged on taste, plating design/creativity and a verbal presentation of their dishes that they must give to the whole group.

Once a winning team has been crowned, everyone will sit down to enjoy a 3-course meal, including each team’s entrée creation.


We will work with you to find the perfect space for your group based on group size, and geographical preference.  

Typical venues that work well are commercial cooking spaces, wineries, and breweries.


We take care of everything so you can kick back and enjoy the event.  Venue, instructor, materials, food are all included!

Food & Drink

Prepare your taste buds for some delicious hors d'oeuvres during class, followed by a delicious meal afterwards.

Depending on venue selection, alcohol options will vary, from BYO to beer/wine to beer/wine and swanky cocktails.


Upgrades and Add-ons

Need a ride?  We can arrange transportation to and from the venue.

Don’t want the party to stop? This event can be coupled with other events, before or after. Ask for details.

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