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I wonder if there’s a margarita out there thinking about me, too

– unknown hero


Aside from being one of humanity’s greatest inventions and a scurvy, cold fighting superfood, margies, we believe, should be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize for helping people let their guard down and grow closer together...”can I just say something”...or maybe not

Too deep conversations aside, margaritas are one of the most approachable cocktails to make.  As simple as they are refreshing, margaritas need not be as complex as is usually made out to be with mixers and liqueurs - all you need is 3 ingredients. The real secret is finding the right balance.

Find out all about balance while learning how to make the perfect margaritas with our favorite SF bartending teams at one of our favorite Margarita Factories.


Based in San Francisco, our partners for this experience provide the trendiest of settings, and are typically tough seats to get. Through our exclusive partnership, we bring you the coolest tequila spots in San Francisco.


Depending on your group size, enjoy a dedicated space and bar!

Food & Drink

You’ve shaken a margie, you’ve quality controlled another, now it’s time to enjoy a feast of traditional mexican dishes.  

Enjoy a family style meal for you and your team, or keep it loose with a reception-style assortment of bites.

For your non-tequila drinkers (believe it or not, they’re out there, pun intended), they will have an extensive cocktail, wine, and beer list to choose from.


Upgrades and Add-ons

Need a ride?  We can arrange transportation to and from the venue.

Don’t want the party to stop? This event can be coupled with other events, before or after. Ask for details.

Photo Booth!


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