Virtual Treasure Hunt

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Decode tricky puzzles and put your internet sleuthing abilities to work!




This experience was designed to help bring your team together and boost morale while releasing stress induced by social distancing. 

Expect right-brain creative challenges and left-brain puzzle challenges as your team works through an assortment of challenges including: word puzzles, pictures puzzles, Morse code, braille, Pig Latin, and more.  We can also build custom puzzles for you!   

In addition, expect to perform a variety of online challenges including: creating a word map, creating a meme, etc. 

Your co-workers will be organized into teams of 4 or 5 , with any number of teams for a fun, competitive experience.


This virtual experience can take place anywhere via video conferencing platform.  



  • 15 minutes: Zoom tutorial (as needed), hunt overview, and icebreaker

  • 60 minutes: Internet treasure hunt, with each team transported to a break-out room to solve their tricky clue challenges

  • 15 minutes: Answers, awards, debrief and final group activity

Total Time: 90 minutes


What's Included

  • Full facilitation from a professional trainer

  • Zoom tutorial (as needed)

  • 6-10 unique puzzles and creative challenges

  • Clue customization (upon request)

  • Smart phone app (upon request)

  • Facilitated debrief

  • Icebreaker and closing group activities

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