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While Covid makes real game night impossible, we adapted your favorite games like Pictionary and Bingo to work via Zoom for a silly, creative and completely customizable group event that will have your team’s faces hurting from smiling so much. 

Got a Michelangelo in your team? Well, tell them to start warming up that finger pad because our Zoomtionary event uses Zoom’s whiteboard feature to play Pictionary virtually. Your team will be broken up into groups and will try their darndest to figure out what your whacky friend Tina is drawing. This competitive, yet extremely enjoyable game is the perfect addition to your happy hour or wine time. 

And Bingo was his name-o! Bingo isn’t just for farm dogs and blue haired ladies at the community center anymore, not since Blue Barley adapted it for Zoom. Our hilarious bingo cards will have your teammates laughing until they cry as they try to fill in their squares before everyone else. 

All of our games are completely customizable for your team. You choose the theme and our comedy writers create the game! So whether it’s trying to doodle cryptocurrency or putting a virtual tile over Jenny McCarthy’s face for B-List Celebrity Bingo, Blue Barley has the most entertaining and unique experiences to bring your team together. 


Games are professionally moderated by a comedian, with three rounds of gameplay, the experience lasts approximately 60 - 90 mins, depending on group size. 

Just like in a real Pictionary game, there’s no drawing of symbols, writing of words, or using numbers. We will go over some clever tricks to get around that before we start. 

This is an experience that requires very little technical setup and can be adjusted depending on group size. You don’t need to be Leonardo Da Vinci to have fun at this game! If someone on your team hates drawing, they can just guess instead. The point is to have fun, relax, and try to decipher your coworkers' doodles to the best of your ability. Welcome aboard!


The comfort of your kitchen...or couch.  All classes are held via Zoom.   Your zoom, or ours. 


Upgrades and Add-ons

Don’t want the party to stop? This event can be coupled with other events, before or after. Ask for details.

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